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Tattooing and Body Piercing by Dave and Libby  Stevens,the only father/daughter team in New Zealand and guest artists.

Dave specialising in  large custom freehand,Kirituhi or Maori design,N.Z related.Libby in delicate,detailed,feminine designs or tradional old skool bold colour. 

Modern, bright and open studios ensure your comfort for the length of your stay.

Clean and hygienic surroundings and the use of new disposable needles and ink-tips for every customer ensure your saftey is guaranteed.

We use ELECTRIC INK tattoo inks(ironic) from Brazil,lastest micro-pigmentation technology and designed in a laboratory,these inks meet all the new European and American standards.These inks are the best I've used in 25 yrs.Easy  smoother application,faster healing and less trauma(pain) .These  have been trialled by us on regular customers for 6 months and results speak for themselves.They also have many colour/shade choices and is 100% Vegan..

We have the lastest autoclave sterilisers and ultrasonic cleaners, hygiene techniques. Our Dynamica, Exacta autoclaves are serviced and calibrated regularly to ensure your safety.


Bookings are essential with 50% deposit(non-refundable) in person to allow the time needed to sort out your design and eliminate time-wasters.

 An art fee of $50 for all customwork designed applies, which is intergated into the final tattoo price.

Our staff are professionals and will be organized for your appointment and will try to run on time. To help ensure this, please do the same.

We do not tattoo hands, faces,throats,racial or gang-related tattoos.People who are drunk, hung-over, stoned, late, tired,smelly ,pregnant(serious health considerations),in a hurry, with a bad mood or bad manners.

Minimum tattoo price Levin: $50, Paraparaumu: $80.

Rebooking fee(less than 24 hrs notice) Levin: $50, Paraparaumu: $80.

All prices are subject to change, according to placement, colour, changes made and your attitude.

Age restrictions 16 years for body piercing, 18 years for tattooing or 16 years with parental consent and they must be present.

We do not anwser silly questions- e.g how much is a tattoo?,how much for writing?(what font). They all different eh, so think about it first.

Do not bring excessive baggage e.g. heaps of friends or family, children, shopping, food, attitude. One support person is fine, just remember that we do have to concentrate. We are not mind-readers so the more organised you are the less expensive the artwork,and we're not therapists so no venting.

As preparation for your appointment we suggest a feed and sugar drink 1 hr before to help the body relax. Your body will feel what you want it to. The pain factor is mimimal but different for everyone our advice is to relax and think happy thoughts.

Due to the popularity of our industry we are seeing more bad tattoos and health issues lately. Be careful out there, go to established studios with a good reputation. Word of mouth is our best advertising. Ask to see their hygiene practices and equipment, all sterilisers must be serviced and calibrated yearly, ask where they trained, who by, then verify this and find out why they left. This industry currently has no health regulations or age restrictions in New Zealand - although through our continuous lobbying it's coming. It currently comes down to the morals of the tattooist, which frankly are usually lacking in N.Z. Be wary of people sourcing their supplies off Trade Me or E-Bay, most this gear is rubbish and is not used by professionals. As someone who has worked overseas, where it is very health regulated, you can see the difference in the professionalism of the industry. We need the same type of legislation here for the benefit of everyone; tattooists and clients alike to eliminate the wanna-be cowboys plaguing it.

Cheers, Dave

Electric Ink Tattoo Studio

Electric Ink Tattoo Studio Entrance

Electric Ink Tattoo Studio

Electric Ink Tattoo Studio